Canela Michelle Meyers

Right Here, Right Now Meditations
Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness

How to Relax into Your life as a Living Meditation, More Fully and Enjoyably As You.

Canela Michelle Meyers
Forward by Isaac Shapiro

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This book is a collection of invitations that support people in practical, very human ways to become more awake to themselves and the world they are experiencing.  It includes topics such as trust, love, blame, attraction, anger, abundance, acceptance and inclusion of self.  These ‘reading’ meditations demonstrate how available it is for everyone who is interested to awaken more and more to the present moment, here and now – no need to go off to a cave in the Himalaya!

Canela uses humor and love in her invitations for those who want to know how to live more easily, in more acceptance of What Is; how to access the experience of no-separation in any given moment; and how each and every aspect of who they are, no matter what it looks like, benefits them directly.

“All agree that life obviously occurs right now.  Yet our habitual mind usually relates right now to a prior memory and feeling.  If that pervading habit makes life seem relative, let’s relate the now to a more useful moment.  Canela Michelle Meyers  gives us these amazing invitations to relate ‘right now’ to a possibly transforming point of view.”
Richard Miller, Producer, NeverNotHere.Com

“No matter what state I’m in as I read ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations,’ it lifts me up and into my true spiritual self.  I can feel the Presence in you speaking to the Presence in me, calling me into higher consciousness.  As I read your words, I touch into the essence of each topic, and you’ve covered them all – love, trust, conflict, communication, acceptance and so on.  This book will definitely help raise the vibration on this planet – thank you for sharing it!”
Gini Grey, Author of ‘From Chaos to Calm’,

“Dear Canela, Thank you for the beautiful reminders for us to open our-Selves to the truth of all that is.  I love how you (gently and consistently) bring our attention to the now. Thanks again!”
Thomas A. Newnam, Artist, Author of ‘Memo From My Soul’,

“Canela Michelle applies her wisdom with an integrity and compassion that’s incredible and rare.  How could the beauty of this woman and what she brings to her work even fit into words?  But she’s done it – using language to share her understandings and to open up opportunities for others.  Her connection and authenticity naturally call us closer to ourselves; you can actually feel what she teaches when you read, and you grow and learn immediately.  I’ve been transformed over and over through knowing her. This book is another opportunity.  Thank you Canela!”
Nicole Deagan, Feminist Counsellor and Activist, Founder of ‘The F Word’ Radio Show

“Canela has had the great fortune of recognising Truth – that in which the entire Universe, time, matter and space appears.  This book is an expression of that….Savour it!”
Isaac Shapiro, Author of ‘Outbreak of Peace’

Right Here, Right Now Meditations is for anyone who is interested in the Awakened State of Being, in experiencing No-Separation, Enlightenment and/or how the regular, human experience fits into all of that.


Canela Michelle Meyers has been supporting people to allow greater levels of Awareness (encompassing all of the human aspects as opportunities for expansion), before and after the shift in Awareness to the Realized State of Being, in 1998. She further supports people, once they have come into the Awakened State of Being, to allow the integration and settling into these new levels of Being…a steadying support in living in each moment. This support is offered through Satsang events, as well as individual and couple Satsang sessions in person or by phone.

No matter what the format, greater Expansion, Acceptance and Awareness is what she enjoys supporting people to allow – making their lives more peaceful, enjoyable and abundant.

“Canela,  As soon as I started reading “Right Here, Right Now Meditations” I understood why you recommend to read one topic per week – it’s powerful!  No matter what state I’m in as I read, it lifts me up and into my true spiritual self. I can feel the Presence in you speaking to the Presence in me, calling me into higher consciousness. As I read your words, I touch into the essence of each topic, and you’ve covered them all – love, trust, conflict, communication, acceptance and so on. This book will definitely help raise the vibration on this planet – thank you for sharing it.”
Gini Grey, Author of “From Chaos to Calm”

“For several years, as I journeyed toward authorship, I was blessed to have Canela in my corner. She has been a much needed and appreciated supporter, endorser, life coach, teacher, mentor – friend. At the heart of what Canela invites in her writings and teachings, I have found, is a safe and loving opportunity to look, again and again, into one’s own mirror. So gently…so wisely…even gracefully, Canela has a true gift for reflecting back to you – your own deepest aspects of being. The benefits of opening yourself to her insights are many and wondrous.”
Thomas A. Newnam, Artist and Author of “Memo From My Soul”, York, PA

“During a four-hour Satsang led by Canela in June 2009, my concept of Reality shattered. Others previously hinted that something greater laid in wait. Authors swore by It, gurus, lamas and rinpoches promised It, if one just lets go. But in June, Canela created a safe space where I allowed myself to experience ‘It’, if only for a few hours. Since then, she has helped me chip away some frosty edges, allowing me to become more Aware, more readily and more often. Our latest visit was a completely transformative one-on-one. This is, without question, one of themost important spiritual connections I’ve made.”
- Kevin D., White Rock

“Satsang with Canela feels like a gentle reminder for me ofwho and what I really am – light, laughter and love. Thank you Canela!”
- Andrew Fawcett, Vancouver, BC

“My first time Consciously Experiencing the Moment in Satsang with Canela. Being in the present moment was never easy for me. My mind would love to race around into the ‘what if’ and project scenarios that would never materialize. The idea of a four hour Satsang was daunting. Then, after a meditation and connecting directly with Canela, I knew what it was like to be in the moment. Without a racing mind and being in my heart, I felt the most incredible form of joy. Words like bliss and ecstasy don’t begin to describe what I was feeling. I was in a room with strangers, yet never felt more
connected in my entire life. Nothing else mattered but that moment. It allowed me to feel a genuine connection with myself. For those of you who have never experienced what it’s like to live in the moment, I would encourage you to attend a Satsang with Canela. The atmosphere is light and playful. The people attending the sessions are professionals from a variety of races, ages and backgrounds. When you feel the energy, you too may experience we are all one.”
- Dal R., Abbotsford, BC

With my aperture already opened a crack,
Offering a glimpse of my true nature but never lasting.
With your eyes looking into mine…
A crowbar made of soft tendrils…
Pried it wide open and invited me to jump off into NOTHING.
I did and saw that we are all the same.
What bliss to be held and nurtured by NOTHING’s loving embrace!
- Oje, Deep Cove, BC

Dissolve into Oneness…

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July 27th – Aug. 2nd 2012 – ‘The Gathering’
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Canela Michelle Meyers is one of the Speakers at this Event.
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Dozens of enlightened teachers from all the world’s traditions – from Advaita to Zen – are coming together in 2012 for the first time ever, in a unique transformative event designed to guide you to the point of self-awakening.

Join us for this life-changing time when, for 7 days and nights, you will be gently guided into a space where you can transcend your Self, drop into the present moment and melt into oneness with universal consciousness.

Satsang with Canela Michelle Meyers in White Rock March 2011

Interview on Northshore Outlook with Canela

Conscious TV interview in the UK