Cindy & Charlene

Angel Guidance for All Ages
Archangel Michael the Divine Gatekeeper

Cindy Smith &
Charlene Money

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Age Makes No Difference When You Start Believing

This unique inspirational story of a youth and adult who learn to change fear of being intuitive into acceptance of natural abilities.  A self-empowering book that offers stories from experience and tangible tools in how to connect with and receive guidance from the angelic realm.

This book will encourage you to go beyond societal fears and learn what the angels have to say about guidance during this time of vibrational shifts or change worldwide. Learn how age makes no difference when learning to trust in self and your angel intuitive connection.

Charlene and Cindy have conquered their fears to now trust in their own Power and Individuality by Asking Archangel Michael to be their Divine Gatekeeper; you can too. Motivate self to believe in new possibilities and open your heart to the unconditional Love of Angels.